Are We Here by Accident?

How many times do you think you would have to accidentally spill paint on a canvas in order to create the Mona Lisa?

We of course know it was no mere accident. But how many times do you think that would have to occur before, by pure accident, this famous masterpiece was created? A hundred-thousand? A million? A hundred-million? A billion? A trillion? Who really knows?

We would never even suppose that it were an accident. We look at that painting and we presume that it was created by a clearly talented painter.

Then why is it that when we perceive a two-dimensional object comprised of paint and canvas, it’s easy to assume intelligent design? But yet when we look at the infinite expanse of the cosmos and the infinitesimal infinite; atoms, quarks, neutrinos, etc., and all that’s in between: the vast diversity of plant and animal life, mankind, and how it all fits together – like a pocket watch, with all of its interdependent, coexisting parts working properly – we assume an accident?

And not to mention, in regards to the creation of the Mona Lisa, you would still have to explain how the paint and canvas got there, and who painted it.

If I haven’t yet made it clear, the answer is yes. I undoubtedly believe that the universe was created by a Creator. I do not believe that the universe and all of its concomitants are just the by-product of some sort of accidental, cosmic explosion. When I cast my presuppositions aside, I find that it is impossible to escape the fact that the creation was created with intelligent, precise design and purpose. The universe was, without a doubt, created through intent. But who created it?

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1

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