godspov.com is seeking to rewrite perspective through God’s point of view.

In the book of Exodus, God invited Moses to meet Him on top of Mt. Sinai. Each time Moses met with God on the mountain, God gave Moses a new command; a new perspective, to give to the nation of Israel. God had a plan to set the nation of Israel apart from the other nations, and He did so by revealing His point of view to the Israelites so they would turn from their sin and follow Him. God still has this vision today.

God seeks to remove the cultural blinders that have been placed before our eyes. He does this by inviting us to get immersed in Scripture.

It is our vision at Godspov to reclaim the true, biblical perspective that God intended us to see with. We do this by applying clear, biblical truths towards every aspect of our Christian walk.

God is inviting us to see life from a new perspective, one that will take our head above the clouds, that we may see through the cultural facade and behind the curtain. God is inviting us to join Him on the mountain and to see from His point of view.