1. a brief, simple, and popular saying, or a phrase that gives advice and effectively embodies a commonplace truth based on practical experience or common sense.

Eternity starts tomorrow.

“If we take the Bible literally, our life will change rapidly.”

“There is no instantaneous reward for discipline, only a life well-lived.”

“Mankind’s greatest obstacle: himself.”

“Obedience towards God is really our only mission in life.”

“A million bucks isn’t worth an ounce of anger.”

“Any man who fails to heed his own advice is committing himself to be a fool.”

“Vanity is to feed the flesh, for it cannot be satiated.”

“‘Deny himself’ is the key that we use to unlock our true potential.”

“Accountability is the privilege of having a community that will hold you morally responsible for your actions in a loving and caring way, thus motivating you to conquer over yourself and find freedom.”

“This life is but a fragment of eternity.”

“Does Christ really call us to much more than to ‘be responsible’? To be responsible for ourselves and others, according to his standard of justice and love?”

“Allow your flesh to suffer, and to let your soul be glad.”

“Christ did not die so that we could live this life in comfort, he died so that we could spend eternity with him.”

“The miseries that exist in our life are brought to our awareness once they are contrasted to the hope and love of Jesus Christ.”

“Every time we come closer to understanding the magnitude of God’s grace, we can expect our faith to be uplifted.”

“It does not matter what our infant culture has to say. Culture is a creation of man, and man is a fallible creature indeed.”

“Truth can often times be offensive, even divisive. Nevertheless, speak truth. Speak truth in love.”

“What happens to truth when you allow people to speak freely? Nothing. What happens to truth when you restrict the ability to speak freely? It becomes lost.”

“Satan’s favorite Christian is the biblically illiterate Christian.”

Confession keeps us vulnerable.
Confession keeps us walking in the light.
Confession keeps our walk with the Lord genuine.

Disclosure: These are not proverbs that can be found in the book of Proverbs. These are original quotes from Godspov.

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